La Pagerie has been labeled the "Pearl of the Caribbean" by TV channel Luxe TV
“La Pagerie” is a beachfront luxury villa located on the secluded and unspoiled island of Carriacou, the most southerly of the enchanted Grenadine archipelago, a true sailing paradise.
Where is Carriacou?

Carriacou is situated in the Eastern Caribbean, 12° north of the equator (therefore outside of the hurricane belt). The island is approximately 20 miles from Grenada and part of the tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

The name of the island means "reef" in Indian: Carriacou is actually surrounded by coral reef, making it a great location for diving adventures (numerous wrecks to explore) or simply to snorkel a few feet away from the white sand beaches, circled by multitudes of tropical fish. And lobsters are never far!

La Pagerie Estate is located within High North Nature Park (homing wild parrots) on the north-western side of Carriacou, featuring the nicest (and most secluded) beach on the island : Pristine Anse La Roche, a few minutes by boat and 20 minutes walk from la Pagerie, a protected home for sea turtles.

Another gorgeous sand beach, well named Paradise Beach, is 15 minutes by car south of la Pagerie, also on the Caribbean sea. Opposite to Paradise Beach is tiny and beautiful Sandy island, featuring coconut trees that provide shade to an all times generous tropical sun.

The village of Hilsborough includes groceries, a fish market (proposing fresh lobsters during the season), a gourmet shop and service (Patty's Deli on Main Street), and local art shops.
  • Round House in Boggles - (5 min by car from La Pagerie), offering creative  food and wines.

  • Green Roof ahead of Hillsborough (8 min by car from La Pagerie), offering international cuisine.

  • Mermaid in Hillsborough - (10 min by car from La Pagerie), offering local  food.

  • Slipway in Tyrell Bay – (20 minutes by car from La Pagerie), proposing international/Italian food and wines.


  • La Playa on Silver Beach in Hillsborough – (10 minutes from La Pagerie),a casual beach bar run by a Swedish couple, serving a selection of cocktails, some named after local celebrities and simple and wholesome food - A reggae band plays every Saturday afternoon from 3pm onwards.

  • Lazy Turtle in Tyrell Bay - (20 minutes from La Pagerie), for large and delicious pizzas.


Language: English. Locals speak "kayak" a dialect which includes many French and African words.

Temperature: It varies all year round within the low to mid eighties, that is 80-85°F or 27-32°C.

Seasons: There are two main seasons, the dry season from January to June and the rainy season from July to December. Generally, rain falls at night with a few scattered showers during the day. Hurricanes can develop in the Caribbean between July and October, but are  very rare in the Grenadines, being south of their usual pattern lane.

Clothing: Light casual clothes. Beach clothes are to be avoided in town, not to offend locals.

Electricity: 220 volts/50 Hz. AC transformers/adapters to fit the British type 13 amp, 3 pin sockets are available on the island.

Health: A small public hospital with a doctor (phone 443 7400) and a private clinic (phone 443 6302) offer medical care. If needed, near by French La Martinique larger island (40 min by air taxi) homes a larger and all-equipped hospital.

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$ or XCD).
USD 1.00 = XCD 2.70
EUR 1.00 = XCD 3.35
GBP 1.00 = XCD 3.80
CAD 1.00 = XCD 2.15

Check your updated currency change prior to arrival.

Banking: Banks in Hillsborough exchange money and cash Travellers' Cheques and offer a 24hr ATM service (Grenada Co-op Bank, Republic Bank).